Loss Run Review

Our clinicians and/or medical directors review your loss run and provide a details report.

Reduce Frivolous Claims

Potential frivolous claims will be identified and flagged for further review.

Continual Oversite

We help prevent small claims from becoming big claims.


It's like having clinicians and medical directors on staff reviewing every claim.

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Offer the CCP program and watch your book of business grow.

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Peer reviews after every visit provides the data you need to close claims faster.

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Manage all your claims in the cloud Go paperless
  • DIGITAL FILES - view all claim history online.
  • DATA ENTRY - We handle 90% of all data entry for each claim.
  • REPORTS - Easily generate work comp reports in seconds.
Claim Review from day one. Reduce Costs
  • BACK TO WORK - Reduce unnecessary treatments and TTD.
  • CLAIM OVERSITE - Immediate alerts with appropriate guidelines.
  • SAVE MONEY - Speed up approvals. Identify fraudulent claims.

What makes the CompCorePro service the Best?

Loss Run Review

Experienced occupational medicine clinicians will review Loss Runs with you.

Go Paperless

Your digital WC claim files are available 24/7 in the cloud.

Medical Director

Medical Director to bring guidance, oversight and quality to your claim.

Immediate Access

Access your claim data much faster than using paper files.


We provide this essential service at affordable prices. Call for a quote today!

Data Entry

Every time an injury occurs, we do 90% of the data entry for you.